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Thampi Kannanthanam

Thampi Kannanthanam Profile

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Views : 2044

Thampi Kannanthanam

Date of Birth Working Field Director, Debut FilmPassport Biography Thampi Kannanthanam is readying for a new beginning. One might wonder whether the person referred to is the same film-maker who gave Malayalam many a hit, including `Rajavinte Makan'. But, doubt not, ... read more Filmography read more

Thampi Kannanthanam - Biography

Thampi Kannanthanam is readying for a new beginning. One might wonder whether the person referred to is the same film-maker who gave Malayalam many a hit, including `Rajavinte Makan'. But, doubt not, the experienced director believes he is yet to make a cinema of his personal liking. Can his forthcoming film, `Freedom' be his dream project? We have to wait and see; but Mr. Kannanthanam assures it will be different, like most of his films. Of course, he will have an entirely different cast for `Freedom', the script of which is being prepared to tell us the gripping story of a love triangle. The film-maker who bore the brunt of the Malayali audience's anger for his latest venture, `Onnaman', never believes his film led to Mohanlal's image suffering some setback. He wonders why people consider `Onnaman' a mega flop despite its early collections. The film took a beating, Mr. Kannanthanam says, solely because of the tampering it suffered at the hands of the distributors and exhibitors. About the making of a film, Mr. Kannanthanam is vocal. A film's success is determined by the efforts of five equally important segments, he says, showing the fingers of his right hand. The concerted effort of the actor, technician, producer, distributor and the exhibitor is a must for any film to succeed, he says. A good film is born when the first three work in cohesion. Mr. Kannanthanam believes a film producer should be more than a financer. He should have an artistic sense to vibe with the actor and the technician. And when it comes to selling the product, he should be smart and business-like. The reason for the crisis the Malayalam film industry was facing at present was the lack of such strong dual-faced producers, says Mr. Kannanthanam. The film-maker believes that the critics of commercial movies are never close to reality. "It's a hideous notion that a film produced by spending lots of money cannot be run and watched,'' says Mr. Kannanthanam. According to him, cinema is an absolute commercial product. "Otherwise, a giant of a film-maker like Akira Kurosawa wouldn't have struggled to complete his last project,'' he says. Today's cinema has changed vastly, he admits, because of a perceptible change in the audience. The change is not so much in taste, but in generation itself. And catering to the present generation is the responsibility of the film-maker, he says. Mr. Kannanthanam has no qualms in admitting that he is not capable of producing the film of his personal choice. Of course, his artistic genius wants to tell the world the sour fact that an Indian child's future depends solely on its parents' health. "I want to speak against this.'' The reformist in Mr. Kannanthanam finds a vent when he speaks about his ideal film. Mr. Kannanthanam says that today's youth never takes things seriously. The early generations, he says, had worries about future. "But today, none is concerned about tomorrow,'' he says. In fact, Mr. Kannanthanam is trying to put across the negative side of this change through his forthcoming venture, `Freedom'. The director who has given us about 20 movies (most of them popular hits) has a Hindi film too to his credit. His `Hadd', starring Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Jhulka, was a moderate success in Bollywood. ``Good films happen,'' Mr. Kannanthanam sums up, reiterating that just one genius cannot make it. It's a joint venture, he says. He is settled in Chennai with his wife, Kunhimol, and two children, Aiswarya and Angela. His film company, TAAK Entertainment, operates out of Kochi.

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