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Crocodile Love Story Review

Crocodile Love Story Review
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A crocodile pain story !
Crocodile Love Story released with the tall claim of being the first Malayalam movie to make use of the famed Animatronics technology. But this debut vehicle by director Anoop Ramesh is a yawn inducing misadventure which crawls along at a pace which would put even a snail to shame. And by the time this supposed love story culminates there would be no love lost between the viewers and the makers. Why drag a crocodile into it, of all animals? Answer is simple, the movie it seems was made after the title was finalised ! Crocodiles of the world unite, a Malayalam movie has arrived which is an insult to your fraternity!
A bloated, lethargic engineering drop out Kiran(Praveen Prem) is apparently at his wits end not able to figure out what is the earthly reason for his gorgeous childhood friend Nitya(Avanthika Menon)to be head over heels in love with him. Parents of the girl are expectedly aghast and their resistance proves cumbersome for the love birds,  as they struggle to find time and space for togetherness. A string of asinine scenes ensue, making viewers pray for divine ,sorry crocodile intervention.

The insipid narrative turns further painstaking as the arrival of crocodile makes the proceedings even more sillier. Technology trespasses into the love story to no effect .The couple is away in a remote island ,far from the madding crowd to enjoy some togetherness. A fearsome reptile was waiting to pounce upon them here and within no time we find the twosome perched atop a tree. The animatronics crocodile waits patiently beneath and the viewers wait patiently for the torture to end. Instead of an adventurous thrill what follows is an attempt in satire to manufacture giggles . The comic caper that the love story attempts to become turns into a commotion with media persons, police officers, rescue personnel, live streaming et al surfacing and adding to the woe.

By the time the climax arrives, the exit board never looked more enticing. There is nothing special in the denoument either to write home about. Young filmmakers are ushering in a change of course in Malayalam cinema but it is sad to see ventures of this sort which reeks of irresponsibility.

The lead pair was not supposed to have any chemistry in the first place. But the inert performance by Praveen Prem turns the shoddy love story into shambles as Avanthika Mohan tries hard with a decent performance. The presence of Kalabhavan Mani,Manikkuttan etc. in the cast dont get registered. No aspect in this movie worths a mention and this Crocodile Love Story is bound to be consigned to the wayside within no time. Better luck team Crocodile next time around, hopefully without animatronics but with imagination !    
Crocodile Love Story Review By RajVikram.
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