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Drishyam Movie Review By RajVikram Oru Indian Pranayakadha Movie Review

Drishyam Movie Review by Rajeevan

Drishyam Movie Review by Rajeevan
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Drishyam is refreshingly free of overboard antics and hullaballoo. It is a simple tale with a simple plot, yet is very engaging. What works in its favour in this simple family drama is that one could easily relate to the story and its neatly written script. Coupled with Jeethu Joseph’s direction and excellent emoting by all the characters, Drisyam definitely offers a feast the eye.

Drishyam is a simple man’s story- his family life, everyday happenings and struggles. Georgekutty (Mohanlal) is a simple person, who runs a local cable network company. He has studied only up to class 3. He lives with his wife Rani (Meena) and two young daughters, Anu and Anju in the beautiful Idukki locales. He is a film buff and even takes instances from movies to solve his problems in life. Things turns thick when Roshan (Varun) arrives in their midst. His arrival results in an issue which is dealt with as the movie progresses into the second half. Though the movie is not exuberantly dramatic, it is emotionally satisfying and a thrilling watch.

Seeing Mohanlal in such a grab reminds one of movies like Ividam Swargamanu and other such movies in the genre. Like the director Jeethu Joseph has been repeatedly saying, Drisyam is a simple movie. There are sequences and dialogues that seem a lot familiar to us. But the movie doesn't fall into the rut of being predictable with a thriller mode in the second half, which is quite gripping.

Technically, Drishyam is flawless. Direction and camerawork are commendable. The camera pans the beautiful locales of Rajakkad brilliantly, without at any point romanticizing it. The length of the movie is over 2 hours, which could have been trimmed a bit more. There are sequences in the first half which are a bit of a drag. But the script is pretty tight as it keep the story moving forward.

Performance wise, Mohanlal is outstanding as usual. The mannerisms and thoughts of a commoner, with his goodness and failings is impressive. Meena delivers a clean performance and so does the two child artists who donned the roles of Anu and Anju. Kalabhavan Shajon as a police officer with negative shades has done commendably and so has Asha Sharath. Roshan as Varun too has done well.

Jeethu Joseph has once again delivered. After the thrilling 'Memories', Drishyam too has managed to hit the bull's eye. Drishyam is an ordinary tale told with extraordinary panache. This one is a clean entertainer and would make for a pleasant viewing. Georgekutty and his brood leave a mark as they face life with its pleasant and unpleasant twists and turns.

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