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Idukki Gold Movie Review Naiyaandi Movie Review

Idukki Gold Review

Idukki Gold  Review
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“But there's always a first time for everything” - Melissa de la Cruz.

After watching the movie, if you are smoker you will definitely search for an Idukki Gold, the real Idukki Gold. Idukki Gold is not the gold from the jewellery but the real ganja from the forests of Idukki. Like every Aashiq Abu film, Idukki Gold also stands out with its narration. He proves once again that it is not the actors but the narration that is the pillar of a film. The beauty of Idukki and Munnar is very well portrayed in this movie. The director also used the possibilities of the actors Maniyanpillai Raju, Vijayaraghavan, Prathap Pothan, Babu Antony and Raveendran beautifully. The film begins with a journey of these characters and ends in a situation that no one could have imagined.

The first chapter is an introduction of Michael (Prathap Pothan), who comes from Czechoslovakia to India to meet his friends and advertises in the newspaper to get his friends together. Ravi alias Mlechan (Raveendran), Madan (Maniyanpilla Raju), Antony (Baby Antony), and Raman (Vijayaraghavan) are the friends who join him. They go to Idukki to find gold, Idukki Gold. With the journey, the story unfolds in a very humorous way. The journey that the friends undertake for the Idukki Gold turns into an adventure and they find something more than the Idukki Gold. There lies the movie Idukki Gold. Aashiq Abu has done his best to make this movie an interesting one with the newness of the theme and character portrayal lending it a multi-dimension.
After Aashiq Abu the main credit is for the visuals by cinematographer Shyju Khalid. He has thoroughly absorbed the beauty of nature like it was there for ages, without romanticizing it. Each shot stands out in the film. Bijibal continues his great work and has lent solid support to the overall impact that the movie creates. The music which varies with respect to the time is something different. V. Sajan has also edited the movie to perfection.

Acting wise each of them stands out and so do the child actors who depict the childhood of the four protagonists. Raveendran did his maximum in this film. The humour which he carries is the highlight of the film. Also, Maniyanpilla Raju, Prathap Pothan, Vijayaraghavan and Babu Antony (Man with no expression) have done their best.  

Other actors in the cast including Joy Mathew, Sajitha Madathil, Lal, Praseeda, and Nazim Hasbi have done their parts well. Altogether Idukki Gold is a must watch movie which will take you to the rhythm of life. This movie will be more thrilling as it depicts the generation which lie in the middle of the new generation and the old generation. A must watch new generation movie of the old generation for all generations!!
It’s not about drugs it’s all about friendship!!
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