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Koothara Movie Review

Koothara Movie Review
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'Koothara' is a mixed bag !!!

Double negative is positive in mathematics. But in real or reel life it could spell doom. Srinath Rajendran's second coming after his rather well accepted debut vehicle 'Second Show',had set the cat among the pigeons right at the moment its title was announced. 'Koothara' in colloquial Malayalam is something which is detestable to the hilt. The audacious title would have stood the movie in very good stead if the tale it narrated was convincing.Here the negative title will only serve to accentuate the movie's collapse. Not that 'Koothara',is the most badly made movie which is insufferable to the hilt. But its attempt to be a surprise packet, doesnt bear fruit beyond a point.

As was apparent earlier the title of the movie is derived out of the name of three lead  characters in the movie. Koobrin(Bharath),Tharun(Tovino Thomas and Ram(Sunny Wayne) are three exuberant chaps who are close pals who study together for engineering .The movie does have a spring in its step and it gets off the block with real promise. A typical campus movie with lot of sparkle and life,'Koothara',gives intimations of that. The female lead actors are just there to make up the numbers and even Bhavana's character is not well fleshed out.

It would be naive to classify a film into halves and then engage in nitpicking. But here the manner in which the film falters in the latter half warrants it.The belated arrival of Mohanlal expectedly perks up the movie. After all, the excitement and curiosity surrounding his role and appearance were so high that,'Koothara' was expected to be one of those Lal specials. Well, Usthad Saali his character with the most unkempt get up one could imagine is indeed fiery.

Mohanlal manages to lift the rapidly nose diving film with his mesmerizing screen presence and menacing one liners delivered in a North Kerala accent. The basic problem that plagues 'Koothara' is that intertwining of the two contrasting strands in the plot is not competently handled.The trio who have a love hate relationship with their campus and studies,see their life moving into strange territories as movie takes a turn.Their meeting with the mysterious man Usthad open new vistas for them by offering new vignettes on life.

The sad part that is extremely conspicuous is that,you feel that there was scope for something tremendously interesting.  But it flatters to deceive,as 'Koothara' slides into an uninspiring finale. One feels that the cameo of Mohanlal could have been a bit more meaty. Usthad may be miles apart in appearance, but it has shades of many characters that the great actor has portrayed. Larger than life
element is slyly brought in here as well.

The film surely is a visual treat with frames in locations as different as chalk and cheese coming to life with throbbing intenstity. Pappu has given a very good account of himself as the cinematographer and holds out promise. Gopi Sundar's songs dont engage and the background score is decent at best. Apart from Mohanlal who holds the movie together with a flamboyant cameo,it is Bharath that impresses with a mature enactment of an important role. Sunny Wayne and Tovino dont let themselves down. As said earlier female characters are almost irrelevant. Bhavana,Janani Iyer,Shritha,Gauthami Nair are present, thats it.

Srinath Rajendran had his heart in the right place and Vini Viswalal had an interesting thread. But the execution faltered ,hence fleeting moments of brilliance dont end up dazzling. And the bottomline is that the novelty that was promised, started and ended with the title.

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