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Silence Malayalam Movie Review by RajVikram

Silence Malayalam Movie Review by RajVikram
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‘Silence’ has its moments but !

     V.K.Prakash is one director who has not shied away from breaking free from clichés and conventions and who has gone the extra mile with creative experimentation in his movies.The prolific director joined hands with a big star for the first time in his roller coaster directorial career in ‘Silence’,with Mammootty doing the lead role.The power of silence is the tagline and the promos of the movie were sleek and stylish and it had the resources at its disposal for a real deal . The genre of cerebral thriller always had takers and ‘Silence’ tries to endear itself to those viewers for whom cinema is not full of sound and fury.

 ‘Silence’ unfurls silently as we see Aravind Chandrasekhara Menon(Mammootty) ,a practising advocate getting elevated as Karnataka High Court Judge.Aravind has all the trappings of a learned legal expert with his demeanour exuding intensity and mannerisms revealing poise and erudition.He is an out and out family man who loves quality time with his wife(Pallavi) and kids.Life is devoid of frills as the lawyer goes about plying his trade with panache making his peers green with envy. Once he is promoted as a judicial Officer things take a sudden turn. He embarks on a trip to homeland to celebrate his appointment.The family sequences do have adequate charm and are weaved into the plot without chipping away at the crux of the narrative.

Silence almost appear like a usual family drama,until the protagonist  gets an anonymous phone call which unsettles him.The movie maintains a languid pace from the outset suiting the rather cerebral premise.The arrival of a phone call like a bolt from the blue transforms Aravind’s life forever.He has a trustworthy aide in Anoop Menon(Neel George) who plays a cop, who helps him to unravel the mystery.

The script of Y.V.Rajesh gives flashes of something really interesting as we see the suspense element being slowly but steadily built up.  By the time interval arrives film looked to be heading in the right direction.But things slump afterwards as we see sluggishness slyly get into the narrative as we reach business end of the movie. The anonymous call which prompts the duo to go in search of the stranger,leads them to an old murder case. Aravind and Neel are forced to confront some unexpected events as  certain events in the past force them to re-open the case.The consequent events is intermingled with a flash  back and a few surprises and thrills later an extended climax is reached. What is the connection that this stranger has with the life of Aravind?And what is the reason for him to pursue him like a possessed being? Silence seeks answers for this.The silent manner in which the  investigation is done looks engaging but the built up suspense is not weighty enough to enthral the viewer and the climactic scenes are rather pedestrian.

Mammootty is sterling as the stylish protagonist and he carries the weight of the movie silently with his characteristic brilliance.Anoop Menon is his usual self,while Joy Mathew,Ravi Vallathol etc. Make their presence felt.Pallavi is pretty decent as the female lead.Technically ‘Silence’ is a few notches ahead of other VKP movies.The much touted reverse car chase and underwater fight sequence are competently shot.Cinematography by Manoj adeptly captures the mood of the film and is one of the highlights of the movie.As the character of Mammootty blurts out saying in the movie, “someone is desperately after me,playing  hide and seek with us”;the movie ‘Silence’ too desperately tries to be a gripping thriller. But ultimately it only plays hide and seek with its intended aim and ends up as just a passable effort.

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