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SringaraVelan Movie Review

SringaraVelan Movie Review
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Sringaravelan is just about watchable!!!

As a viewer you don’t expect magic,when you decide to watch a movie from the stable of the combination which gave us that harebrained and lowbrow comedy ‘Mayamohini’,an year or so ago. And ‘Sringaravelan’,from the  ‘ Janapriyanayakan’ ,Dileep just about provides some senseless entertainment,that too if you are willing to keep the bar of expectations not at a low,but at home!

      The script writing duo of Sibi.K.Thomas and Udaykrishna are past masters in churning out formulaic films and though they have been riled by critics and at times even by the masses their films have somehow managed  to rake in the moolah.And that counts big time,and Dileep is one actor who knows the pulse of the audience and in Jose Thomas there seems to be a director who knows to serve all the ingredients in right measure.

     Sringaravelan is a romantic fighter,so goes the tagline,and it all begins in a familiar manner. Kannan(Dileep),belongs to a traditional weaver family in Kuthampully who looks down upon the profession of his ancestors.His father played by Babu Namboothiri pleads him to take up the profession to keep the hearth burning.But Kannan dreams big and with a typically senseless sidekick Vasu(Kalabhavan Shajon) he  messes up his life .The narrative is on a virtual standstill for almost half an hour with only crude slapstick jokes being served.

     Then like a bolt from the blue a moronic and illiterate goon Yesudas(Lal) appears in the mix,as if to take the plot forward somehow.A few scenes of inanity ensue which has no relevance to main plot if ever there is one.Almost an hour elapses before we get into the crux of it all.

    Kannan is entrusted a task by his father which he reluctantly takes up.Action  shifts to Kottayil Kovilakom an old royal family.Nedumudi Venu plays the character of the present Thampuran who is the childhood mate of Kannan’s father.From here on we see the plot getting complicated as we see Kannan becoming involved in the internal matters of the Kovilakom.

    The granddaughter of Thampuran Radhu(Vedhika) is haunted by her past,pestered as she is by her father a  Mumbai underworld don played by Joy Mathew.Some issues related to her marriage and the unwitting involvement of Kannan result in some undesirable developments.And it  causes much consternation to her father and Kannan sees his destiny getting irrevocably tied to Radhu’s.

     The comedy track continues unabated in the meantime with Shajon and Lal making their customary interventions.Loopholes are dime a dozen in the plot and there is no point in dissecting them.As the climax arrives we see the usual elements in recent Sibi-Udayan movies like arrival  of underworld dons,shoot outs,a car chase or two etc. arrive on a parade.Ookken Tintu,that hilarious character from the movie Neram enacted by Shammi Thilakan reappears here and the reason for it is not far to seek.

     Baburaj the comic hotcake of our times for a section of audience at least, appears in a cameo  sporting a name Mahalingam.It again shows that meanings are always not double!The names of characters were used to evoke laughter earlier as well,but in our times it has acquired an altogether different dimension.A dialogue in the last scene attests to the fact that some jokes are not unintentional after all.

     Well if manufactured jokes are enabling the producer to laugh all the way to bank,who is there to complain?The stretched out end scene is a shambles and we see all hell break loose as villains from Mumbai underworld arriving,a stubborn father refusing to budge an inch,the love birds sticking together and in the end the romantic fighter wins.

     Dileep is typically exuberant and we all know that he will give a good account of himself in such roles.But as an actor these roles offer him nothing new and he goes about the usual routine. The heroine Vedhika looks gorgeous and thankfully doesn’t look out of place.Lal has let himself down this time around with an overdone role .His loud mouthed antics seldom evoke any giggles.Shajon is just about decent.Joy Mathew as the villainous father doesn’t pass muster fully and we have seen Nedumudi in such roles many times.Songs are just about good and visually the movie is pleasing.

     ‘Sringaravelan’,has all the ingredients and is unabashedly formulaic and clichéd. And it is hard to see a movie of this sort nose diving in the box office however severely it is panned by the critics. Even the advocates of sensible cinema or those who frown upon senseless entertainment may not mind exposing themselves to this sort of instant entertainment. And recent history shows that movie of this sort have been blockbusters!

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