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IFFK winner 2011
Vayalar Award 2013

Toofan - Hindi Movie

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Starring Dileep , Saba Khan Director(s) Major Ravi Producer(s) Genre(s) Family Drama Release Date 2010 Synopsis "After Love, Power is the only source of happiness", it is said. Physical power and money power makes one happy and contended but the happiness hidden in the innocence of the mind and simplicity of life are those that can never be expressed; it can only be felt within. "Toofaan" is all about the power of innocence that is possessed by only those humans who are closer to God... Children! The movie is about a village and a group of children who try to nurse and look after a badly bruised puppy. They want to safeguard the puppy from the hostile elder people of the village who have 'banned' dogs because in the past a businessman who had promised to make the village self-sufficient was hounded by a group of stray dogs. Raju, who thinks rational, was the only one who supported and guided the kids and he persistently warned the kids against their plan of stealing the golden teeth of the Kulfi seller, "Podru Chacha" for money, for treating the injured puppy. In-spite of these advices, the kids went on with their plan and after a lot of humourous and comic twists and turns, the kids eventually fail in their attempt to steal the "golden teeth". To make the things worse, someone else manages to steal the 'golden teeth' and consequently the kids are blamed for it. Interestingly, Charan Laathi, the care- taker of the mango garden, proves the kids innocent. Here ends the film on a happy note proving again that the power of innocence always triumphs over physical and money power.
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