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IFFK winner 2011
Vayalar Award 2013

Payyans - Malayalam Movie

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Starring Jayasurya , Anjali. Director(s) Leo Thaddeus Producer(s) Noushad Kammu Vadakkan Genre(s) Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance Release Date 18 February 2011 Synopsis Payyans is a malayalam movie directed by Leo Thaddeus. The central character Josy (Jayasurya) is brought up all by his mother Padma (Rohini) after his father John's (Lal) "disappearance". Apparently, Josy's problems start with the disappearance of his father. He drops out from the college to start his own business. But he does not succeed in his venture because of the lifestyle he leads. Later he gets a jobs as a Radio Jockey where he meets sound engineer Seema and falls in love. One day John gives a call to Padma to let her know that he is alive. In excitement Padma tries to pull John's bag and she slips, falls down and dies due to fatal head injuries. Problems start when John attempts to bring Josy's life into a proper way by enforcing discipline. . But his plans does not work out the way he planned it to be. Josy starts to hate John and on one night when he was drunk, he asks his dad to walk out. Josy later understands how much his dad loved him. He searches for him unsuccessfully. On fathers' day when Josy was anchoring a show about it, John calls to the show and tells his experience of a dad as how much he loved his kid when he was young and how much the kid dislikes him when he grew older. Josy saw that the call came from his own home and rushes home where he finds dad and reunites with him.
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