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IFFK winner 2011
Vayalar Award 2013

Violin - Malayalam Movie

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Starring Asif Ali , Nithya Menon Director(s) Sibi Malayil Producer(s) AOPL Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Genre(s) Family Thriller Release Date 01 July 2011 Synopsis By the movie "Apoorvaraagam" presented the new ideas and zeal, Director Sibi Malayil again gathering new comers for his new movie. Far from the words on the path of tunes, web the new concept of love story. Sibi Malayil's new movie is "Violin".
A.O.P.L Entertainment Banner, Sibi Malayil directing movie "Violin" has young stars Asif Ali and Nithya Menen will present the lead roles. Story, Script and Dialogues prepared by Viju Ramachandran. In the midst of Anglo Indian family in Fort Kochi move the story of malayalam movie "Violin". Angel an anglo indian beautiful girl along with her mother and younger sister consist the family. They use to sell Bakery items like Cake and Breads to earn their livelihood, Angel is sensitive between the three of them in the family. Angel accepted all the bad times happened in her life. Angel's most lovable thing around was her father's gifted violin. No belief in anyone, her hear was tittered with laugh by a stranger man Abby.
A simple young man from Karimanoor Village, a farmers journey to the city led him to meet up with the Angel. Through Abby, Angel get the experience of true life and aims. Only violin lovable Angel got to know nature of life through Abby.
Abby's character portrayed by Asif Ali and Angel's character summarised by Nithya Menen. Manoj Pillai will do the cinematograpy. Art Direction of this movie will be done by Prashant Madhav. Make Up of this movie will be performed by Ranjith Ambady, Costumes designed by Sakhi, Stills of this movie by Shreeni Manjeri, Designs created by Collins Leophil, Roshan Chitoor is the production controller of this movie.
Strikers & Crew, one of the leading marketing firm in South India will be promoting the movie throughout south India. They are planning to introduce many new techniques for marketing this film. Rumors are there that a daily newspaper called paper violin will be launched soon for making the people aware about the latest updates of the movie. Also they are brings a new concept of "VIOLIN S&C ROLLING" video making contest for the common audience based on the film Vilon, Awards and gift will follow the won contestants. S&C doing a great job in social media networks for the success of this movie. There are new promoting techniques like net posters, online campaigns, Violin tshirts, caps etc have been a hit already.
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