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IFFK winner 2011
Vayalar Award 2013

Nee Ko Njaa Cha - Malayalam Movie

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Nee Ko Njaa Cha
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Nee Ko Njaa Cha

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Starring Sunny Wayne , Poojitha Menon Director(s) Gireesh, Producer(s) Anish.M.Thomas , Sandip Senan Genre(s) Comedy,Drama, Romance,Sport Release Date 04 January 2013 Synopsis Nee Ko Njaa Cha brings home the importance and place of relationships. The idea of seeking greener pastures and not seeing what is right under your nose is given a story in 'Nee Ko Njaa Cha'. This idea is nailed in, in an interesting manner. The narration uses the story within a story technique. Directed by Gireesh, the film is a romantic comedy and a thriller all rolled into one. A bold story has been packaged in a light and lively tenor. The film tells the tale of friendship and love-the highs and lows in a relationship and how they deal with it. Three friends Roshan (Sunny Wayne), a cosmetic surgeon, Joe (Praveen), a programme producer for t.v. channel and Abu (Sanju), assistant director share a unique bond. It is Abu's greatest wish to direct a movie. His two friends agree to finance his venture, provided they get to act in the movie. Meanwhile Joe is suffering heartbreak caused by Ann Mathew (Poojitha), an anchor at the channel, who dumps him after a brief affair. Seeking to relieve him of his depression, Roshan and Abu decides to take Joe to Goa. The rest of the story unfolds in Goa. The first half ends on a note of suspense and intrigue. As the second half unfurls, you understand the motive, the missing links, betrayal and reconciliation. The value of relationships, the things that goes into making it last a lifetime, the trend of brief and flimsy affairs and of mindless flirting is stressed in the movie. The young cast has done an exceptional job, especially Sunny Wayne as the hardcore romantic and flirt. The rest of cast including Praveen, Sanju, Sija, Rohini and Parvathy also impresses. Cinematography by Neil D' Cunha has given some great visuals. The camerawork does not have a single jarring note and captures the colourful and vibrant Goa successfully. Though the songs somehow appeared odd taken in isolation, as in the online versions, taken together with the film, they make more impact. Music by Prasanth Pillai is youthful and contemporary. Many of the songs have already topped the charts. 'Nee Ko Njaa Cha' is produced by Anish Thomas and Sandip Senan under the banner of Urvasi Theatres and is their maiden venture. Interestingly, the name of the production company finds mention in the film, in one of the scenes featuring the story within the story. Director Gireesh's debut has turned out to be a grand entry into tinsel town. Watch the film for a dose of a unique mix of romance, comedy and thriller. The viewers can take home the message and youthfulness that the movie conveys.
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