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IFFK winner 2011
Vayalar Award 2013

Philips and the Monkey Pen - Malayalam Movie

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Philips and the Monkey Pen
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Philips and the Monkey Pen

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Starring Jayasurya , Ramya Nambeeshan Director(s) Rojin Thomas Producer(s) Sandra Thomas , Thomas Joseph Pattathanam Genre(s) Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance Release Date 08 November 2013 Synopsis Ryan Philips(Sanoop),son of Sameera(Remya Nambeeshan) and Roy Philip(Jayasurya) is no whiz kid. He is a typical fifth standard student for whom studying is a bitter potion. He dreads mathematics and detests his studious classmate the curiously named boy Decimal, who is the darling of his teacher Pappan(Vijay Babu). Ryan relishes his times with his close friends Innocent, Raman and Jahangir. Their innocent pranks and childhood antics are naturally weaved into the plot. The struggles of Ryan's parents to mend the ways of their ward bear no fruit. Ryan's life takes a quirky turn as he gets an antique piece called monkey pen with magical powers from his grandpa Richard(Joy Mathew). The monkey pen aides him to get over his struggles with the studies and the boy undergoes transformation and becomes the blue eyed boy of teachers and school mates. He sort of lands in a wonderland and as fantasy takes over the movie takes a beautiful turn. The movie essentially is about the coming of age of a typical naughty boy in a premise sprinkled with a bit of fantasy. The calf love that Ryan has for his classmate Joan which is spurned is blended into the tale with elan.The accelerator is never pressed as far as the pacing is concerned. It is not a pulsating ride after all. The movie slowly but steadily captivates you with its bristling charm.
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