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IFFK winner 2011
Vayalar Award 2013

Prajapathi - Malayalam Movie

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Starring Mammootty , Adithi Rao Director(s) Ranjith Producer(s) Valiyaveettil Siraj Genre(s) Action, Thriller Release Date 15 June 2006 Synopsis The protagonists of every Renjith film stick to some experiences which are inherent in their presentations, which has almost, became a cliche. The torturing experiences of the childhood, the alienation from the society, the rendering of scholastic language supported with puranic literature, the somersault in the plane of events midway and the return of the mass hero, and the grant finale in which the protagonist takes charge with his muscle power to eliminate the evil... all the above routine passings are also presented in the latest Renjith flick 'Prajapathy', but in a less distinctive way. The highlight is that it is not a Mammootty show alone, but is more ruled by the instincts and dictations of the director.
The film is a story of clashes between two, but related families who are also the supremos of two villages. The film thereby raises questions about the application of democracy in the present order of things and calls forward for the upraise of Masses to create a new democratic order eliminating fraud politicians and feudalists. 'Prajapathy' presents the protagonists as Devarmadom Narayanan, who is a portrait of a leader whose ruthless ambition and self inflicted obsession is for the betterment of the society and his people. Presented by Mammootty who is in all grace and riches is the reigning mass leader of Perumalpuram.- a village devoid of hotels, bars and shops which sell foods. Everyone in the village is offered food from Devarmadom, where their supremo even tastes the food to check quality, before giving away to fellow people. The film takes some time in the beginning to establish this hypothetical village - where the viewers go aimless.
Devarmadom Narayanan was once a convict sent to juvenile prison at the age of 13, for killing his father. The protagonist who became a changed man after his tortures in prison, find values for life and imbibes them on maturity. With the help of Vellody master he establishes the new law of the land when he comes back, and whoever disinterested to abide the law are thrown out of the village after a trial by Nattukoottam. Devarmadom has an enemy in his uncle Mooppil Kunjambu Nair, and his son Giri who is all set to demolish Perumalpruram. The film in its opening sequences itself establishes one attempt on life of Narayanan, made by Giri and Co. Following the fattal attack, Narayanan is left at ICU of a hospital, and at this stage of his resurrection to life, the film set the story straight with flashbacks on the events of their history of feud and clashes.
The second half of the film is more moving with the "Renjith" in sequences of distorted relationships worked out with perfection. And these best worked out sequences show cases every actor with meaty performances. But the film falters at times when it try to equate the star quotient instead of character development .And Often you feel you had seen this scene or its prototype in some other movie in Tamil or in South.
Mammootty as usual excels in the proceedings throughout making a promenade. The film comes as a big relief for die hard fans of his serious characters as he doesn't ponder over on his recently acquired lighter comic images. He appears is variety outfits and emotions, exotic vehicles with punching dialogues and fiery action sequences by Anal Aras. Nedumudi as Moopil Kunjambu nair and Siddhioue as giri pass through with grace. Adhithi Rao is reduced to an eyecandy performance. But the revelations are Sandhya (kadhal fame), Seema, Abu Salem, T G Ravi and Raju who exhalts and thrills with their performances.
Azhagappan, as usual has once again proved his great framing and toning capabilities, behind the camera, creating the necessary ambience. The use of Rain as in every Renjith films poetically has also added to controlled emotional development of the sequences. The film has two songs by Thej Mervin, one a shooting sequences featuring Aravinder, Salimkumar and Daisy Boppanna who appear in a cameo.
After the film, one will fell that there must be a primal necessity to restrict on a stringent diet of word age. At times the scriptwriter in Renjith rules over the director Renjith which create a verbal diarrhea in some sequences. Even though he restrict to classic story telling methods in almost all scenes, one wonders, how such an immensively creative and experienced scripter tends to create emotional jumps and technical scripting lapses. When you go to admire cinematography and production design, it remains the film really don't carry over the the emotions to the audience, No?
Albeit, the film has a lot much to offer than a hero centric flick. It is definitely a contentful stuff, for every type of audience.
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