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Nivin's good times. Rajinikanth bowled over by 'Drishyam'.

Jishnu Raghavan another celebrity cancer survivor.

Jishnu Raghavan another celebrity cancer survivor.
    Another world cancer day went by spreading the message of need to be vigilant against this dreaded disease. Things have changed beyond recognition and cancer patients now look forward to life with renewed hope. Early diagnosis and proper treatment can ensure that cancer can be handled like any other disease. Celebrities who have been in the clutches of cancer have come forward of late to spread awareness about cancer. We know the case of Innocent and Mamtha.

Another young actor who battled cancer bravely to emerge unscathed is Jishnu Raghavan. The actor who is popular for his lead role in Kamal's 'Nammal' is the son of yesteryear actor Raghavan. Though it was not known to outside world the young actor too was in the grip of cancer. He underwent a successful operation to remove a tumour and is well on path of recovery. The actor is currently acting in the Hindi remake of Malayalam hit 'Traffic'. Anyway it is a wonderful development that celebrities are no longer keeping such news under the wraps. It always helps the cause of battling this disease to have celebrities spreading awareness about it.
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