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Nazriya-Nivin Pauly starrer 'Om Santhi Oshana' begins

Nazriya-Nivin Pauly starrer  'Om Santhi Oshana' begins
The shooting of Nazriya- Nivin Pauly starrer 'Om Santhi Oshana' has begun in Thoduphuzha. This is the second time that the two young stars are coming together for a movie. It was for Alphonse Putharen's 'Neram' that the couple came together for the first time. Apart from this, they have also acted together in the music album 'Yuvhh'.  
'Om Santhi Oshana' is the directorial debut of Jude Anthony Joseph under the banner of Ananya Films. The movie also stars Lal Jose, Ranji Panickar, Vineeth Srinivasan and others including Aju Varghese, Vinaya Prasad, Shoba Mohan and Manju Sateesh. Script is by Midhun Manuel Thomas. 'Om Shanthi Hosanna' is produced by Alvin Anthony and is distributed by E4Entertainment. 
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