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Ranjini Haridas on love and marriage !!

Ranjini Haridas on love and marriage !!
Ranjini Haridas travels with controversy. She has always been frank and forthright in her opinions and has had no qualms to call a spade a spade. She faced her detractors boldly and stood by her opinions. Ranjini has now come out with more revelations about love and marriage. She reveals that she was in love with a director and though she was extremely serious in her relationship, she was dumped quite unceremoniously by him.
Ranjini was in conversation with a weekly magazine when the topic came up for discussion. Ranjini said that she loved him with all her heart and he too was equally sincere in the beginning. But later he started to exploit her and finally jilted her. She refused to name the person and stated that she has no interest to do a post-mortem on the subject. She added that it is difficult to come out of the hurt she suffered as a result of the break-up, but will make all efforts to alleviate her pains. She said that she has no immediate plans to get married but her experience will help her to find the right person as and when the subject of marriage crops up.
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