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Rosy to come back in "Celluloid".

Rosy to come back in
   "Celluloid" is the Kamal film based on the life of J.C.Daniel and P.K.Rosy, who could be named as the first heroin in Malayalam cinema. Chandni appears in the female lead role as Rosy and Prithviraj plays alongside as J.C.Daniel. Mamtha Mohandas too has an important role in the movie.
Kamal has created the film on the basis of Vinu Abraham's 'Nashtanayika' and Chelangadu Gopalakrishnan's 'J.C.Daniel Jeevitha Charithram'. The screenplay and production is done by Kamal himself.

Kamal says that he has done a lot of research to make the film based on events which took place in 1928. He had to be extremely accurate in creating the characters, their style of dressing, the places and the way they talk. Mamtha is doing the role of Jannet, wife of J.C.Daniel.  Pattanam Rasheed spent more than an hour and a half to dress up Prithvi as Daniel. Kamal has appointed a language specialist to help the actors speak in the Malayalam of that period.   
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